Interview Tips

After 20 years of interviewing thousands of candidates and placing hundreds of people at client companies I have seen candidates, from recent college grads to C-Level, screw up the interview with silly mistakes. Here are some tips that will help make your interview a positive and fun experience. 
Poindexter Recruiting-Interviewing Tips   
  • Research the company-know what you are interviewing for and exactly what the company does.
  •  Be enthusiastic--show excitement, sit forward in your chair, smile, people hire people they like and trust.
  •  Sell yourself---this is a time to brag about your skills and talk about your self. Think about what separates you from the other candidates they are interviewing. How do you add value to the company.
  • Bring current / updated resume--it is your presentation ( Work History, Education, Other Skills, Personal info is the best format).
  • Social Media: be aware of what your public image is online: If you are googled, your linked in profile, Facebook, blogs, pictures, etc.
  •  References must be past supervisors and one character reference.(make sure references know they might called.)
  • Have a breath mint before you meet the person, coffee breath can blow it for you.
  •  Be yourself and be 100% honest.
  •  Be prepared to fill out application, take personality test, interview with multiple people.
  •  Arrive 15 minutes early.
  •  Dress professionally--conservatively.
  •  Have firm handshake, SMILE, and good eye contact…did I say smile.
  •  Listen to the interviewer.
  •  If you find yourself having a question during the interview, it is ok to ask, "may I ask a question?"
  •  Sit up slightly forward in seat( to show interest).
  •  Leave cell phone and purse in car-no exceptions!!!
  •  Ask your recruiter, mentors, or friends who work at the place, for advice. Do not leave anythng to chance
  •  Know where you stand at the end of the interview by asking one very important question:
 "Do you have any concerns at this point that would keep you from hiring me, because I want to work for you?"
 " I am really interested (or want to work for you) do you have any concerns that would keep you from hiring me?"
 This question allows you to ask for the job, the interviewer to tell you if there are any problems; you get the chance to overcome any objections/concerns, it is a compliment to the person doing the interviewing that you want to work for them, and you leave with the knowledge of where you stand and what the next step will be.
  •  Call your recruiter right after the interview.
  •  Send a hand written thank you note and even a quick email-Keep the note simple, no more than 3 sentences.
  •  Your Recruiter will guide you through the process.

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