Thursday, June 11, 2020

Marketing Analyst wanted

Do you know anyone who may fit this? It is client side gig!

Marketing Analyst: Manage all reporting across multiple channels holistically and be able to effectively communicate results. Will be working with cross teams, and be able to efficiently look, think critically, and explain data. Prefer strong Google Analytics background.

Marketing Analyst opening for client
Salary based on a experience and competitive to market place.
If you feel you are qualified, please send resume with a salary history to We can then set up a time for a interview.

Summary of Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
The Marketing Analytics Manager is responsible for tracking and analyzing marketing and website data to increase effectiveness of the marketing team’s efforts, which ultimately translates to more effective marketing and a greater customer experience and satisfaction. They will develop organizational understanding of marketing tactic performance through monitoring, reporting, analysis and translating results into actionable insight in marketing strategy and tactics. They have primary ownership of the company’s Google Analytics, Google Tag Manger, SEO and web analytics functions.

This position will continue to develop the marketing analytics function at the company from being ad-hoc and campaign-specific into an essential resource that provides a greater picture of marketing efforts and their effect on desired outcomes. The Marketing Analytics Manager will provide counsel to the Manager and Director of Marketing and the broader marketing and customer experience teams as campaigns, personalization and testing strategies are developed, implemented and optimized.

Duties and Responsibilities
·       Monitor and analyze a variety of marketing data sources, including Sitecore, Eloqua, Oracle Sales Cloud, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, ForeSee, Facebook, Twitter, and programmatic advertising networks. Support personalization, optimization and A/B and multivariate testing efforts in Eloqua, Sitecore and other platforms as assigned.
·       Based on analytics insights, work collaboratively across the marketing department to support the development of campaigns and content that resonate with customers, increase their satisfaction, generate leads and drive them to conversion, and deliver other defined business results.
·       Develop processes that promote efficiencies across marketing department and other partner teams.
·       Monitor and identify website user behavior, marketing conversion metrics, SEO performance and multivariate testing to help improve the customer experience and campaign performance.
·       Develop a monitoring, reporting and analysis system for marketing analytics, such as a dashboard, that allows information to easily and consistently be shared with and understood by the rest of the marketing team, the customer experience team and other stakeholders.
·       Translate marketing response insights into customer insights that help guide and provide input into the company’s brand strategy as a trusted energy provider. Help the team understand how efforts in individual channels are working together holistically and fit with the greater context of customers’ total experience with the company.
·       Assist in the creation of compelling, persuasive presentation materials to communicate key learnings and recommendations to senior level executives clearly and concisely. Support ongoing efforts to keep executives and other stakeholders apprised of marketing effectiveness and results and make proactive suggestions for this.

Education and Experience Requirements:
·       5+ years of experience in this type of role at either a digital agency or corporate digital team
·       Undergraduate degree from a four-year college or university (business, marketing, mathematics, statistics or similar preferred)

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities Required:
·       Strong quantitative skills, attention to detail and a high aptitude for problem solving 
·       Strong understanding of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and other analytics software
·       Creative and innovative thinker with an ability to translate complex ideas, sophisticated analyses and metrics into a simple, actionable marketing strategy 
·       High proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word & PowerPoint and other data visualization and reporting tools 
·       Proficiency with standard business and database software (e.g. MS Access, Oracle, SQL)
·       Advanced teaming skills. Preference and ability to work effectively within team environments is required. Strong ability to build personal influence and strong relationships with contacts across a large corporate entity.
·       Advanced organizational, project management and problem-solving skills.

Licenses, Certifications, Bonding, and/or Testing Required:
Valid driver's license required. 

Working Conditions:
Normal office working conditions.

If qualified, please send me your resume!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Looking to hire, or finding gig, or strategy or resume revision?

Services offered:

Hiring consulting
Resume writing
Strategy-hiring or job seeking
Interview advice
New company hiring strategies
Recruiting services in all industries
Free-lancers avaiability
Contract labor.

Bill Poindexter, Executive Recruiter
Aimee Hughes, Writer

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Looking to hire or a job?

We are currently working on multiple projects but will work with your company if you have urgent needs. Please contact Bill Poindexter at (913)220 -1213 or

Looking for a new gig? We are here to help!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Why hire a recruiter?

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10 Reasons Employers Should Use Independent Recruiters:

  1. Recruiters can attract the best people. Why mess with what makes the business a success or a failure? If your livelihood depends on finding good employees and they are what drives your profit and results, then why try to do hiring without the benefit of a professional focused on your company’s needs.
  2. Recruiters define and describe the position best. The use of professional independent recruiters will force you to know what you are looking for. A recruiter knows what is out there and can coach you on the realism of your position description, the availability of talent, and the cost of the talent you need. Do you ever see the For Sale By Owner signs on homes? Do you think those sellers have been coached on prepping their house for sale? Do you think they know the proper price for the home? Do you think they are as motivated as someone that has hired a professional to sell the house for them? I don’t. I think they are just giving it a try to see if they can find an easy sale and when it becomes really important to sell that house, there will be a realtor.
  3. Recruiters keep employers focused. Is locating talent your company’s core competency? If so, then go it alone. Just because LinkedIn makes candidates more accessible to you does not mean you will be better served to do searches for talent without a recruiter. Your company president probably has the know-how to cut the grass and pick weeds on your corporate campus, but is that really where you need to leverage his/her time? Just because there is a manual on how to use that gigantic punch press out in the factory, does it mean that you should run it without an operator that specializes and has trained to use it? Do what you are good at, not just those things you have access to do.
  4. Recruiters save staff time and cost. Not only will a search for an employee distract managers and leaders, it will also cost the company more money than a search turned over to an independent recruiter. I compare this one to the old in-house print shop scenario. Companies claimed to be saving so much money with their in-house print shops compared to having things professionally printed on the outside. Sure, if you don’t count the cost of employees, their benefits, the cost of space, and assign no overhead to an in-house printing operation, it will look great. Employers are doing the same thing today with recruiting. Do you really want senior managers and leaders out on Facebook and LinkedIn trying to find talent? And are you sure you know what their time is worth per hour? Add benefits and overhead to that number and independent  recruiters look like a bargain at any price.
  5. Recruiters speed  the job fill. The real costs or opportunity costs of an open position can be enormous. Many studies say that in profitable companies an employee generates 3 to 5 times their annual salary in value. So if you leave a $70,000 position open for just one additional month, that is $18,000 to $30,000 the company will never see again. Independent recruiters can also focus efforts on the likelihood of a “yes” when the offer is eventually made. I’m very certain that most managers do not have the skills needed to coach and troubleshoot all the reasons a candidates would say “no.”  In fact, it would be very unlikely that a candidates would share with the employer the reasons for a potential “no” until it is too late. Independent recruiters have the position with a candidate to ask what a staff member may never uncover.
  6. Recruiters know where to look for talent. If you are 100% confident as an employer that the best candidate for your opening is on LinkedIn, then maybe a recruiter is unnecessary for building the short list. We all know that is not likely as some candidates are “passive or not active” job seekers. You need an independent recruiter with networks and tools to find these people. Recruiters have the tools, subscriptions, a peer group for support and a network that is better than yours. A simple question: Is your manager capable of calling into the competitor’s company to get their best talent out for an interview? If they do that, will the competitor know what you are up to within minutes?
  7. Recruiters know how to attract talent. Recruiters are expert at understanding motivation to move. They can predict for you the proper and real motivation vs. the misleading and bogus motivation. I can only guess that your managers and leaders have not been trained in doing this?
  8. Recruiters are less apt to lose the best candidates. There is likely only one best candidate for your open job. Do you want that candidate being handled by an inexperienced manager or someone that does this 20 times before breakfast?
  9. Recruiters offer a method for continuous improvement. Why stop recruiting after you fill the job? If you can keep your staff focused on the core business but have a recruiter looking to replace the weakest player on your team, you will be on a path to continuous improvement. Don’t hire one at a time, hire always. Independent recruiters allow you this potential.
  10. Recruiters produce results. What other professional group do you work with that will work on a contingent basis? What other professional group guarantees their work even though they have little control over what you do to ensure the success of their placement? Most candidates leave because they don’t like the company or the direct supervisor and the recruiter has little to no control over those two contributing factors, yet they guarantee their work.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Director, Marketing

FILLED Director, Marketing 

This position reports to the Senior Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications to lead and develop core pieces of the digital customer experience, including public-side website, email/marketing automation, CRM, marketing operations and analytics. This position also manages brand and product marketing and advertising, and works closely with the transactional digital and corporate communications teams. The Director, Marketing is responsible for bringing ideas and strategies to bear while working to effectively monitor and manage plans, process and people for successful and timely execution and enhanced customer experience. This position plays a vital role in ensuring the Company reaches customers in a way that best serves them, treats them as though they have a choice in their electricity provider and enhances their satisfaction.


Content Strategy, Product & Marketing Communications
Conduct planning for content strategy that provides relevant, consistent content that engages customers, positions Company as a trusted industry partner and enhances customer experience. Conduct market research to understand and leverage market trends, and meet customer needs. Develop behavioral and demographic segmentation strategies that increase the relevancy of communications with customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Translate planning and research into actionable initiatives, prioritize and direct implementation.

Direct team responsible for digital strategy and content for the web and email channels. Coordinate closely with teams and departments that manage other major aspects of the customer experience, including Corporate Communications and Customer Service Operations, to develop consistency of customer experience across channels.

Direct team responsible for Product Marketing, Marketing Communications/Brand. Plan and direct ongoing marketing efforts to build customer awareness of company offerings, products and services. Lead mass and direct communications efforts that drive customers through the marketing funnel from awareness to education, conversion and engagement.

Digital Customer Experience & Marketing Operations
Conduct planning for non-transactional digital properties and the digital customer experience, in coordination with the Sr. Dir. Marketing and Corporate Communications and Director, Customer Experience. Translate this planning into actionable initiatives, prioritize and direct implementation.

Build, maintain and oversee the effectiveness of digital properties that meet customer needs and support company objectives. Channels within scope for this position are public-side website, email/marketing automation, marketing operations and analytics and CRM. Influence and enhance additional digital properties not directly responsible for, including social media, transactional and other digitally-based interactions with customers across the company. Ensure the brand is accurately reflected in the front-end design of all digital properties – both marketing/public-side and transactional and that user experience is in line with best practices and customer needs.

Oversee implementation of best-in-class marketing technology systems and software across marketing communications, digital content and transactions, and marketing production. Direct teams responsible for these systems, including Sitecore, Eloqua and Oracle Sales Cloud. Cultivate apartnerships with Information Technology and Customer Service Operations to ensure resources are provided and collaboration occurs.

Ensure the company is gaining value from analytics resources, including ForeSee, Google Analytics, Sitecore Analytics, Kilpfolio and more. Direct team to derive trends and actionable insights from data. Formulate recommendations for action based on this information.

Overall Management of Function & Role
Budget, forecast and utilize funding resources in a way that meets specified objectives advancing the digital customer experience and marketing efforts.

Monitor and report on department efforts and impact on customer experience. Stay abreast of developments in digital customer experience, content strategy and marketing to ensure plans include approaches appropriate for the Company. Develop and maintain strong ties with utility industry peers.

Manage key vendor relationships with digital agencies and marketing and CRM systems vendors. Ensure partnerships are structured effectively and manage associated funding. Serve as coach and point of escalation for team members managing work with these partners day-to-day.

Exercise the usual authority of a manager concerning performance improvement plans and reviews, promotions and salary recommendations.  Coach, develop and inspire staff to maximize their potential.

Take responsibility for own performance and self-manage work by maintaining composure and control in the face of highly complex situations, effectively assigning and overseeing the management of multiple projects and individuals, taking the time to ensure maximum effectiveness of direct reports in accomplishing their objectives.

• Bachelor's degree in marketing or related field.  
• 10 + years experience in corporate digital marketing environment strongly preferred. 10+ years in digital marketing agency environment will be considered. Previous experience managing direct reports in this environment required.  
• Previous digital and marketing communications experience and experience managing strategy and day-to-day management of websites, email, CRM and digital customer experience. Deep knowledge of associated strategies and tactics.
• Advanced writing and editing abilities; advanced presentation skills.
• Advanced organizational, project management and problem-solving skills.
• Strong financial and budgeting skills.
• Advanced ability to work effectively within all levels of the organization, from senior executive management to individual contributors. Advanced personnel management and delegation skills.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Job Listing

Director of Marketing-KCMO 7+years, management exp, senior role.

ACD/ Senior Copywriter
Account Manager
Media Manager
Billing Manager
Brand Strategist-Wichita

Send resume to for details. 
Note- as with all openings I am looking for stability in candidates, need you to be in similar role, and qualified.  Send salary history with reasons for leaving last roles. Serious inquires only. Please.
And if you are a fit on paper will respond, if not we will not. If you are in need of help market yourself to companies you can hire us to help-ask Bill for coaching details. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Available people for hire

Digital Marketing Manager with over 15 years exp. Solid work history and skill set.
Tactically strong as will as strategic. Management exp. B2C exp. Strong retail knowledge.

Public Relations Director-Excellent PR person Agriculture, Agroscience, Food industry exp. Banking as well.
Solid work history.

These folks will not last long! Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about their background or like to see their resumes.

Poindexter Recruiting, Inc.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Poindexter Job Listing-please share

Poindexter Job Listing 

The Account Supervisor at Agency is responsible for knowing the client’s business including sales/profit goals, KPIs, financials and business strategies – and educating the team on what makes the client successful. This person is also responsible for managing client profitability and contributing to team profitability. The Account Supervisor reports to the Account Director and works directly with everyone on the client-centered team. This position will also be responsible for managing others on the team and leading their professional development and have oversight of staffing plans.
The Account Supervisor will:
  • Build, maintain and grow positive relationships with clients that lead to business retention and organic growth
  • Lead the client through setting clear expectations in collaboration with the team
  • Mitigate difficult client and internal conversations as necessary while keeping relationships intact
  • Possess superior knowledge and understanding of the client’s industry and products, business and communication objectives, competitive landscape, and distills knowledge to others on the team empowering action
  • Be the team leader in knowledge and action, seek and share out knowledge to empower others. Act as a leader when with the client, and with the agency team. Participate openly and confidently in client meetings. Be confident and smart.
  • Possess superior knowledge of the agency’s business and capabilities in order to bring clients proactive ideas, initiatives and solutions and exceed client expectations.
  • Understand, utilize and engage all established processes and disciplines and ensure the team is mastering the same.
  • Develop or review project/creative briefs in collaboration with agency strategy and clients
  • Review work based on project brief adherence, proper product mentions, mandatories, production specs, legal requirements, etc. with a heightened attention to detail
  • Manage team profitability, identify and lead opportunities to increase client support and agency revenue.
  • Proactively engage Account Director and agency leadership to ensure appropriate awareness of client and team business priorities
  • Engage at a high level with clients in order to build trusting, productive, valuable relationships
  • Respect deadlines and process while being open and flexible to new approaches
  • Based on exceptional presentation and communication skills, teach others to be excellent
  • Be able to lead team and individual goal-setting and ensuring accountability to those goals
  • Possess a solid knowledge of digital campaigns and projects
  • Be a successful, connected manager who motivates his/her team to deliver their best and guide professional growth plans for all direct reports
The requirements and experience of the Account Supervisor are:
  • 5-8 years relevant or agency experience
  • Bachelor’s degree required; marketing or communications emphasis preferred
  • Must have experience leading teams and managing people
  • Must have animal or human health experience
  • Prefer both B2B and B2C experience
  • This position is Kansas City-based
Also seeking:

Project Manager 
Copy Writer
Digital marketing manager 


If your a fit and interested in making a move please reach out!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New Openings

Poindexter Recruiting is interviewing:

Currently interviewing Digital Marketing Managers and Developers
of all levels.
Should have stable work history, strong skill set, great references.

Please send resume to

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Digital Marketing Manager wanted

Client side.

digital marketing manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketingcampaigns that promote a company and its products and/or services. He or she plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers.

3-5 years experience as a digital marketing manager

This is for a future gig for a client of mine- most likely in next 30-60 days will be offical.

I am currently looking for qualified canddiates for this role, so if you are looking to make a move or open to hearing about a new gig, please let me know.

Please send current resume with salary history. Also looking for people who are in a similar role currently. 

Send resume to

Monday, January 7, 2019

Services Offered

Happy New Year!

We are happy to be offering not only professional recruiting services, but candidiate coaching as well.

Not sure how to position yourself to get that next gig? Reach out to me, I may be able to get you thru the myriad of choices and barriers!

Are you wanting to hire talent? I only work on retainer now, so you will have to be serious in your hiring needs, also need to work directly with the hiring manager, no exceptions. I will guarantee you success in your hiring 100% of the time on this model!


Bill Poindexter, Owner,
Poindexter Recruiting, Inc
Advertising, Marketing, or Sales
People or Gigs

Marketing Analyst wanted

Do you know anyone who may fit this? It is client side gig! Marketing Analyst: Manage all reporting across multiple channels holistical...