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Product Manager wanted with CPG exp.


MUST have 5 years experience in Marketing and Product Development. Consumer Packaged Goods experience is ideal. This role will have primary responsibility for managing all of the hiring company core product lines as well as product development of product line extensions.

You will need to be a detail oriented self starter that needs minimal supervision. Able to make decisions on your own.

 MUST be able to travel at least 24 -30days a year. You need an outgoing personality as they will be interacting with the sales team as well as customers (both at trade shows and customer visits).

You will need a professional appearance and excellent communications skills. Also need to be able to lift at least 50 pounds. You will do several trade shows a year and have to do a lot of the set up so must have a professional attitude and work ethic.

The Associate Product Manager will be responsible for the effective product management and product development of hiring company core Supermarket/Retail Food product lines. 

Duties and Responsibilities

These are intended only as illustration of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.

1.         Develop core/stock product offerings including design, specifications, and merchandising solutions.
•           Work with Marketing Specialist and/or third party design firm on concept and graphics.
•           Provide information to package engineering and product development for accurate development of product specifications.
•           Collaborates with Manufacturing, Scheduling, PrePro and Product Evaluation Teams from concept to production to get quality, cost effective products manufactured. Continues to work with those teams until products are fully commercialized.
•           Provides information to Communications for the development of Brochures, PR, and market trends/data.
•           Work with Sales, Product Development and outside vendors to develop merchandising/racking solutions for our core product lines.

2.         Manage products/product lines from launch through the entire product lifecycle to discontinuation.
•           Monitor inventory levels and work with customer service to set reorder points
•           Utilize information from to build demand forecasts for new and existing products

3.         Identify customer needs and wants, and translate these into products, services and information to be provided by hiring company.
•           Supermarket experience – Visit customer sites with sales people to gain knowledge of customer experience in the field.
•           Consumer experience – Gather feedback from consumers using the product.
•           Define the identified solutions clearly to collaborate with Product Development, Manufacturing and Communications on the products to be developed, the quality required and the information that needs to be communicated by Communications Manager.
•           Key member of Product Development team managing the Innovation Pipeline for core product lines.

4.         Gather market trend and competitor information and work with SVP of Sales and Marketing Director to establish effective pricing, margin, volume, packaging and labeling policies.
•           Pricing – Establish pricing policies and develop pricing sheets
•           Margins – Establish margin policies and target gross margins
•           Volume – Develop market forecasts and provide input for Min./Max. policies
•           Packaging – Develop product packaging and packaging policies
•           Labeling – Develop product labeling

5.         Effectively prepare Customer Service to service customers for new and current product offerings.
•           Develop forecasts for products and provide information to customer service for setting min/max inventory levels.
•           Develop and provide training on all new products and product enhancements.

6.         In coordination with the Sales Assistant, establish pre-implementation, implementation and post-sale processes and monitor the execution of these by the Sales team.
•           Pre-implementation would include film structure, film sizing, design, equipment needed, etc.
•           Implementation would include communication to stores, POS, customer training, and store visits.
•           Post implementation would include telemarketing for customer satisfaction and course correction, new applications at store, consumer acceptance, and reporting to chain management.

7.         Lead cost reduction efforts for product line in collaboration with manufacturing, product development and supply chain management.
•           Using market and competitor information, set target goals for cost reduction.
•           Establish a team to consider and implement ways to reduce cost of the product in order to gain competitive advantage in the market place.

8.         Gather information on all direct and indirect competitors’ current offerings; including product offerings, strengths, weaknesses and pricing.
•           Test direct competitors’ products no less than once per year and each time a new competitive product is introduced.
•           Communicate test findings through written reports to sales and leadership team.

9.         Travel with sales team to evaluate customer and consumer needs, and product performance.
•           Will require 24-48 days per year in the field participating in trade shows and sales presentations to customers, as assigned by Director of Marketing.

Skills, experiences and qualifications that are essential to the job.
•           Four year degree in marketing, business, communications, related field or combination of education and experience.
CPG experience in a product manager role
•           Minimum of 5 years prior experience in a marketing, product development, inventory control, customer service, sales support, or inside sales role.
•           Minimum of 2 years prior project management experience.
•           Proficient to Advanced Microsoft Office skills, aptitude for technology.
•           Excellent listening skills with demonstrated ability to ask the right questions to determine needs.
•           Exceptional internal collaboration skills. Having the ability to influence without formal authority in order to complete projects and assignments.
•           Marketing research skills using resources such as internet, trade journals, face-to-face customer interaction, consumer intercepts/focus groups, etc.
•           Experience with developing and giving presentations to small and large groups.
•           Good to excellent presentation skills – especially with customers in selling situation.

Decision Making Accountability
(routine decisions to be made autonomously)
•           Authority to make decisions as needed to satisfy customer requirements within reasonable boundaries.
•           Authority to make decisions about vendor relationships and contracted work, within established budgetary guidelines.
(decisions for which prior approval should be made)
•           Decisions involving the sharing of hiring company customer, new product, or trade secret information with vendors or others outside hiring company.
•           Spending decisions outside established budgetary guidelines.

Working Conditions
•           The Associate Product Manager position will require a minimum of 24-48 days travel per year by plane and car.

The following physical requirements are necessary to perform the essential functions of this position:
•           Required extended periods of time working on a computer.
•           Physical health requirements needed to fly as a passenger on an airplane and ride in a motor vehicle for extended periods of time.
•           Requires extended periods of time standing in stores, trade shows and/or manufacturing plants.
•           Requires lifting of crates/boxes of 50 pounds or more.

Associate Product Manager

The following are performance expectations for the position:

Identify customer needs and wants
•           Personally spend 24-48 days in the field with customers to research information on market needs.
•           Utilize superior listening and inquiry skills to obtain information on market needs.
•           Formulate product and service ideas based on market research and clearly communicate in writing (on a quarterly basis) these ideas to the Sales and Leadership Teams, providing compelling evidence for ideas generated.
•           Compare information collected in the field against indirect research methods using internet, trade magazines and industry trend reports.

Establish effective pricing, margin, volume, packaging and labeling policies
•           Use industry knowledge and competitor information to position hiring company products in the market so we can succeed long-term.
•           Provide quantifiable data to support suggested policies on the above.
•           As market conditions change, proactively work with the EVP of Sales to adjust policies and then disseminate this information to all interested parties.

Prepare Sales Team to sell
•           Use compelling graphics and language to develop marketing presentations Sales Team can use in the field to gain business.
•           Personally provide training that ensures the Sales Team clearly understands the market and product benefits/features.
•           Continually update training materials as markets and product offerings change.
•           Provide ongoing training to Sales Team as markets and product offerings change.
•           Personally contact direct and indirect Sales Team members for success stories and publish to all on at least a quarterly basis.

Prepare Customer Service to serve customers
•           Develop and share forecasts for products to Customer Service Team Leader as they are finalized. Answer any questions and provide input for inventory levels. Final decision on min/max levels will be set by CSTL.
•           Personally provide training that ensures Customer Service clearly understands the market and hiring company product benefits/features.
•           Continually update training materials as markets and product offerings change.
•           Provide ongoing training to Customer Service as markets and product offerings change.

Provide input to Director of Marketing
•           Use market expertise to provide timely input on broker sourcing, trade show selection, sales collateral development and advertising campaigns/venues.
•           Collaborate with Communications and provide pertinent information on product lines.

Manage pre-implementation, implementation and post-sale processes
•           Establish processes and then conduct spot audits to ensure that all processes are followed.
•           Adjust and update processes as information from the field warrants. Disseminate to the Sales Team.
•           Gather pertinent customer feedback from telemarketing team and disseminate valuable information to Sales Team and Leadership.

Cost reduction efforts
•           Use competitor information to set target goals for cost reduction efforts.
•           Collaborate with a team made up of manufacturing, product development, supply chain and package engineering to identify areas where cost could potentially be reduced in a product line.

Exercise influence without direct authority
•           Collaborate with peers in ways that inspire and foster win/win solutions.
•           Clearly articulate what is needed from each party and provide reasons for what is needed.
•           Work diligently to understand the needs of others and bring forward any points of resistance, so they can be resolved.
•           Build positive relationships both vertically and horizontally throughout the organization.


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What are people saying about Poindexter Recruiting?

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Why use a recruiter

A private "Headhunter" like me is a good friend to have. We are like sports agents in that we are seeking the TOP people in their field, just like the agent is seeking the BEST athletes.

So, for us to work together, I need a solid work history, great professional appearance and attitude, communication between us, and listening to my advice and following it.

I will in return, if I can, help you find a great gig, now or in the future.

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