Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Media Buyer and Planner wanted

Must have Direct Response Exp and TV. For Ad Agency in KC area. If qualified send your resume to

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why use a recruiter

A private "Headhunter" like me is a good friend to have. We are like sports agents in that we are seeking the TOP people in their field, just like the agent is seeking the BEST athletes.

So, for us to work together, I need a solid work history, great professional appearance and attitude, communication between us, and listening to my advice and following it.

I will in return, if I can, help you find a great gig, now or in the future.

First step for you, reach out to me with your resume, salary history, and reasons for leaving past gigs...I need this to see if your are a fit for my clients.

Send resume to

Thank you

Bill Poindexter, CEO

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Congrats to Jen for her new gig with Robbie Fantastic Flexibles!

"Bill is very professional, respectful and has a top notch reputation in his field. Throughout my journey, I found him to be extremely positive, responsive and trustworthy. I always believed he had my best interests at heart. He truly cares about helping you be successful.  His role was pivotal in preparing me for each and every interview. I always felt informed and knew where I stood. I appreciate his sense of urgency and the fact that he works tirelessly to find the right "fit" for both his candidates and their potential employers. I highly endorse Bill Poindexter. " - Jen B, October 2014 

Congrats to you Jen! I am excited to be the one to help both you and Robbie!!!

What's next in the market? If you are interested in using my service please reach out and let's chat!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What are people saying about Poindexter Recruiting?

"Bill helped with my career search in late 2012. Bill & I had great and consistent communication throughout the process. He matched up my capabilities and long-term goals with several excellent opportunities. Thanks to Bill’s introduction, I found a great company to work with in the career track I was looking for. I’ve worked with other recruiters on the hiring side, but Bill will be my first call to recruit candidates in the future." RL

"Bill reached out to me with an Account Management position that was a perfect fit for my skill set and a great opportunity to grow in my career. He worked with me during each step of the hiring process and sincerely listened and gave me the confidence to take the position. I'm in my new role and couldn't be happier! I would highly recommend his services to anyone!" Tara S.

"Bill helped with my career search just after my graduation from college. I was very impressed by his consistent communication throughout the job search and interview process, as he really made me feel like I had someone on my side. (Which is something that every new grad needs.) Because of my great experience with Bill, I would recommend him to anyone. He knows his business and is a great person to have on your side." Lauren F.

"Bill helped to move my career forward! After working at an advertising agency in Denver and then another in Kansas City, I was ready for a client side position. Bill opened the doors to unique positions that I had not considered. He matched up my capabilities, long-term goals and found opportunities for me to explore. Thanks to Bill, I found a great company to work for!" Liz C.

Call Bill at 913 220 1213
or email