Wanted: Advertising Agency people

Looking for people, with stable work histories, Agency exp only, and excellent communication skills and drive. If you have this email your resume to me:

New Biz Manager wanted

New Biz Manager for Ad Agency

Senior Developer/ Technologist wanted

10 reasons to hire a professional independent headhunter

10 Reasons Employers Should Use Independent Recruiters: Recruiters can attract the best people. Why mess with what makes the business a success or a failure? If your livelihood depends on finding good employees and they are what drives your profit and results, then why try to do hiring without the benefit of a professional focused on your company’s needs.Recruiters define and describe the position best. The use of professional independent recruiters will force you to know what you are looking for. A recruiter knows what is out there and can coach you on the realism of your position description, the availability of talent, and the cost of the talent you need. Do you ever see the For Sale By Owner signs on homes? Do you think those sellers have been coached on prepping their house for sale? Do you think they know the proper price for the home? Do you think they are as motivated as someone that has hired a professional to sell the house for them? I don’t. I think they are just giving it a…

Senior Developer/ Technologist wanted

Senior Developer/ Technologist wanted January 29, 2018 New job opening:

Senior Developer for Agency In KCMO Senior / Lead Developer and Technologist Qualifications • 5 years or more of professional development experience • Excellent communication skills • Ability to pick up new tools and technologies quickly • Competent in programming and working knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (SASS experience is a plus) • Mastery/Expertise with server-side development (preferably experience with Python and PHP) • Mastery/Expertise working with database systems • Mastery/Expertise working with Git • Mastery/Expertise developing code in a CMS platform(s) (WordPress, Drupal, etc) and web application frameworks (Django) • Competent with Linux server administration • Strong desire to learn new things and teach others
Client facing experience  Please send resume to
Or call 913 220 1213

Senior Account Planner wanted-ad agency

One of my clients is going to be wanting a Senior Account Planner in January so I am interviewing people now. Need to be digitally as well as traditionally strong.

Open to talking to you, but will look for stability, agency experience in account planning- prefer you are currently in that role, passion, creative thinking, and what separates you from the rest!

Send your resume if qualified,

Why use a recruiter

A private "Headhunter" like me is a good friend to have. We are like sports agents in that we are seeking the TOP people in their field, just like the agent is seeking the BEST athletes.

So, for us to work together, I need a solid work history, great professional appearance and attitude, communication between us, and listening to my advice and following it.

I will in return, if I can, help you find a great gig, now or in the future.

First step for you, reach out to me with your resume, salary history, and reasons for leaving past gigs...I need this to see if your are a fit for my clients.

Send resume to

Thank you

Bill Poindexter, CEO