We were referred to Bill by another business owner in the Kansas City area. From the beginning, I found Bill to be attentive, professional and willing to meet the demands I place on a recruiter. He did an outstanding job of keeping both us, as the employer, and the candidates informed on the status of the recruitment process. He took my calls during the day and the evening hours. The quality of candidates he sourced and sent our way was outstanding. He clearly understood what we were looking for and our unique culture. I would and will recommend Bill to other HR professionals.

Should you hire Poindexter Recruiting?

Only if you really need my services. If you have the time to find them on your own, then you should. 

But, if you don't want the headache of having to find the people on your own and want to focus on the work you do, and your customers, then, yes, you need to hire me. 

A plan for you!
Email or call me.  I can explain my style and you can share what you need. I would like to meet you face to face! 

What I need from you and what you get:

I need a full job description and what you consider to be an ideal candidate. Then you and I will talk about it and I will send you a agreement, once signed, I will start the recruiting process. My goal will be to find you three solid candidates whom fit your criteria, then we will set up interviews and get you a new hire. I prefer to be the only recruiter working on the project. I ask for open communication as well and need to work directly with the hiring manager in order to do the best possible job!

I prefer a retainer but will consider contingency!

I will give you a 90 day guarantee. 

Call me, 913 220 1213 or email me at bill@poindexterrecruiting.com

Clients say it better than I can...

" Bill not only has the connections to find the right type of talent for my needs, he always provides several candidates with a range of talents within the needs that I have stated. He has never wasted my time. As a small company, my staff wears many hats, and finding talent with multi-functioning skill sets is challenging. Bill has always exceeded my expectations." April Allenbrand

"I have worked with many "headhunters" during my career -- but I've never worked with anyone that I felt deserved their fee any more than Bill Poindexter.  He listens.  He asks the right questions.  He doesn't waste my time with candidates that won't work for me.  He is responsive, professional, considerate -- and a man that I will work with time and time again.  If you care about the above, you should work with him too."

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